Personalized A-Z letters of the Alphabet with 12 ACTIVITY Flash Cards

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These Montessori Inspired - ABC Alphabet Activity Flash cards are beautifully coloured & printed with double-sided pictures & 26 Uppercase and Lowercase Letters of the Alphabet for toddlers + 12 Engaging, Educational, Logical Reasoning Activities that aim to advance the early literacy skills & the ability to understand the developing young minds.

The striking illustrations help them to remember the said image and thus connect it with the words you are helping them to read & with the sounds you are helping them to speak.

The highlight of these ABC alphabet letter flashcards with pictures, is that they also have been designed to serve the dual purpose to grow with your child with 12 effective, interactive, educational activities for toddlers enabling them to progress onto more difficult phases of preschool & kindergarten learning when they are ready.

The cards provide plenty of variety you can go through one by one, and the repeated use of the pack of cards will then naturally improve understanding and start to build memory.

These flash cards with alphabet letters can be turned over to practice alphabet recognition, letter tracing & letter formation helping the child to learn to write & speak while building their confidence at the same time. 

These activity pages/worksheets for toddlers at nursery, preschool & kindergarten also foster:

 Cognitive Development
Attention Building 
Logical & Spatial Thinking
Active Recall
Confidence-based Repetition
Visual Memory
Early Reading
Multi-Sense Stimulation 
Vocabulary Building 
Fine Motor Skills
Problem Solving Tools 
Screen-free Learning
Independent Play

This deck of cards is one of the best educational play & learning toddler teaching toys packed with creative nursery indoor activities & games for kids - 2, 3, 4, 5-year old preschoolers.

Varying levels of fun preschool alphabet & counting, mathematic & number games, puzzles, for toddlers, preschool & kindergarten activities, make it accessible for all fostering early childhood education along with homeschooling.

The learning approach of these A-to-Z alphabet picture & activity flash cards is to encourage real interaction & engagement between parent and child & learning through play.

Choose the right activity for your child along their different developmental stages

Key Features

  • 12 fun, interactive activities & puzzles
  • Double-sided Illustrations
  • Rounded corners, safe edges
  • Wipe clean, re-usable & sturdy cards
  • Light, Handy & Pocket-sized
  • Premium 350 GSM Art Card Paper
  • Matt Laminated
  • Worthy, Long-term Investment
  • Water-resistant & Non-tearable
  • Attractive Packaging

Dimensions & Specifications

Size of the cards: 5 x 7 inches (12.7 cms x 17.78 cms)
Number of cards: 26 alphabet cards + 12 activities = 38 cards
Suitable Age Group: 6 months+